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  • Every Hero Needs a Villain

    Tonight, I am dealing with a mixed bag of emotions. I’m angry, sad, disappointed and flat out tired. There are days I love my job. In a way it defines who I am. I am a rescuer. I love animals and I am committed to fight for them – to save as many as I »more

  • This is What Adoption Looks Like

    January 28, 2014 was a normal day when it began that morning.  I kissed my husband goodbye and headed to work.  I had no idea that at 2:49 pm that day I would get a phone call that would change our world forever. Our story is a beautiful one.  Adopting our son was God’s plan. »more

  • Dear Critics,

    It’s been a long time since I’ve had a rant, so perhaps it’s time. I’m no stranger to criticism.  Sadly, working in non-profit animal rescue, I’ve been called everything from a liberal whore to a bitch.  My actions are constantly judged, my beliefs challenged and my sanity questioned.  Most people don’t last long in companion »more

  • Diapers, Maxi Pads and Shih Tzus

    Having started our rescue lives working with shih tzus from a puppy mill, we learned quickly that some of the babies that came our way would have special needs, and some would required special treatment. However, we still had no idea of some of the things we would find ourselves doing. If you’ve ever worked »more

  • I guess I don’t understand what you do

    Like many animal rescuers, I am guilty of assuming that the whole world knows what goes into animal rescue.  How could it not be common knowledge that this is an all consuming career that doesn’t provide for sick days, or holidays, or even weekends off?    It is demanding, challenging and fulfilling work.  Most rescuers are »more